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Our proprietary grow room designs and building methods result in reduced energy consumption, up to 70% reduction in water usage, and ultimately creating an ideal growing environment due to a consistent temperature, humidity, and air diffusion.




Our customers average
3-3.5 pounds per light



Our tactics will also help our save energy & water= $$$



We offer garden consulting & design, equipment sales, & nutrient plans

Ready-to-Use Grow Room Designs That Are Proven Successful

Building a successful garden starts with much thought and consideration. Electrical, lighting, space, R values and climate control are just some of the building blocks that require physics, science, mathematical principals and just plain old experience in creating a harmonious climate controlled indoor environment year around. In fact, creating a closed environment can be challenging, but if done right, the results speak for themselves. 

Let Growtech put your ideas into perspective, 3D perspective. Growtech starts your idea with a live 30-minute design and consultation, infusing successful grow principles every garden deserves. Growtech uses only the most energy efficient climate control systems and safe electrical practices. 

Grow Room Designs  |  Nutrient Plans  |  Precision HVAC

Specialized Grow Equipment: Optimize Your Yield

Finally, a local company that offers specialized climate control systems for large and small indoor gardens.

Any great gardener knows environment is literally 75% of any gardens success, therefore Growtech Systems can recommend several different machines for indoor grow operations VRF technologies and ECM force air technologies. Only Growtech uses machines that are the most efficient units on the market bringing commercial grade components and reliability with a superior warranty included

All Growtech cooling and heating units are able to produce up to 70% of the garden's water from its amazing all aluminum evaporator coils producing clean true hydrologic H20 right out of the air!

Custom Air Handlers  |  Low Ambient Mini Split Cooling Insulation  |  Small Footprints  |  Ultra Quiet Operation


We found Growtech Systems on Instagram and brought them our ideas. Our crew ended up hiring Growtech shortly after and our quality and yields have improved 100%. All I can say is these guys are for real. 

-Mark, Colorado Licensed Grower

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Fact: Getting Growtech involved in your grow room may increase your quality & yield up to 100% while greatly reducing energy cost & water consumption by 50%.